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RCT Direct Survey

RCT Direct Survey

RCT Direct Survey allows fillable forms to be sent from within RCT Cloud to a variety of stakeholders via email. End-users can provide multimedia files, and no training or login is required to ensure exceptional adoption. While self-assessments and pre-visit surveys are common use cases, RCT Direct Survey provides insurance organizations the flexibility to leverage this solution for a variety of data collection purposes.

Provide Remote Service

Collect data and service policyholders remotely. Adapt to an increasingly digital world, survey remote locations, and build trust as a value add service consultant.

Reach More Customers

Engage greater numbers of insureds in an efficient manner. Reach customers that would not typically receive in-person service, or provide convenient options to high-touch accounts.

Elevate Insights

Aggregate data on a broader range of risks. Centralize customer satisfaction information, risk data, underwriting feedback and more within your risk management platform.

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What Clients are Saying

Mitchell Maddox - Westfield Insurance
With RCT Since 2015

"We were able to go from an archaic system…to something where we have more structured data that provides a lot more value, not just to our underwriting team, but to our analytics resource center as well"

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