Integrations Suite

Integration & Automation Suite

RCT's Data Exchange allows for the seamless integration of the RCT platform with internal and external systems, maximizing the value of loss control throughout the organization.

Internal Collaboration

Seamlessly exchange data between policy, claims, or other internal systems. Improve interdepartmental collaboration, data quality and efficiency, while eliminating the need to login to multiple systems.

External Flexibility

Easily integrate your RCT platform with third party systems and applications, giving you complete control of your workflow and the flexibility to leverage the tools most appropriate for your unique business needs.

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What Clients are Saying

Mitchell Maddox - Westfield Insurance
With RCT Since 2015

"We were able to go from an archaic system…to something where we have more structured data that provides a lot more value, not just to our underwriting team, but to our analytics resource center as well"

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