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Hear From RCT Clients

Hear From RCT's Happy Customers

RCT partners with over 125 insurance organizations to elevate their Risk Management operations and enhance organizational value. RCT customers vary greatly and include multi-national carriers, regional carriers, brokers, program managers, risk pools and more - operating in all lines of business where Risk Management teams are leveraged today.

Case Studies

Selecting & Utilizing RCT
Western National Insurance - Clients Since 2014

Mitch Sharpe, Loss Control Director at Western National Insurance, discusses selecting RCT's software solution and some of the benefits realized at Western National.

"RCT is an integral part of our daily operations, they intercede with everything that we do"
- Chuck Henry, Director, Loss Prevention - West Bend Mutual Insurance

Partnering with RCT
Markel Specialty - Clients Since 2017

Kim Coonrod, Director, Loss Control at Markel Specialty discusses the collaborative nature of partnering with RCT and some of the software solution's benefits.

"We looked at other options to compare RCT to, and had a difficult time finding an option that even came close to RCT's"
- Jeff Floyd, Loss Education and Safety Manager - Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance

Improving Operations with RCT
West Bend Mutual Insurance - Clients Since 2012

Chuck Henry, Director, Loss Prevention at West Bend Mutual Insurance discusses how the RCT system is integral to his team's operations, allowing them to centralize data and improve collaboration between loss prevention and other internal departments.

"RCT earned our business by showing us that they could not only develop a system, but that they could develop that relationship to be a long term partner with us"
- Mondale Smith, AVP Strategic Operations - BARS

Increasing Value Through Data
Westfield Insurance - Clients Since 2015

Mitchell Maddox, Risk Services Leader at Westfield Insurance, outlines how Westfield was quickly able to implement RCT, allowing for increased structure in risk control to improve data aggregation and analytical capabilities. 

"When looking at potential solutions for us, choosing RCT was an easy call"
- Mitch Sharpe, Loss Control Director - Western National Insurance

Partnering with Risk Control Technologies
Shelter Insurance - Clients Since 2007

Terry Tucker, Regional Underwriting Specialist Supervisor at Shelter Insurance, discusses his experience partnering with Risk Control Technologies over the past twelve years.

"It has been an easy and seamless process since the beginning"
- Eric Bourquin, Vice President Safety Services - Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Customer Service with RCT
EMC Insurance Companies - Clients Since 2015

Christy Tharp, Process Improvement Manager at EMC Insurance Companies, discusses her positive experience working with the Risk Control Technologies team.

"The system is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and the RCT team is very helpful and fast to respond to our needs"
- Terry Tucker, Regional Underwriting Specialist Supervisor - Shelter Insurance

Partnering with Risk Control Technologies
Berkley Agribusiness Risk Specialists - Clients Since 2016

Mondale Smith, AVP of Strategic Operations at Berkley Agribusiness Risk Specialists, takes us through his experience selecting RCT as a strategic long-term partner, as well as benefits realized from the RCT system.

"The Risk Control Technologies team not only presented us with a proven solution to help achieve our goals, they also bring a lot of industry expertise to the table"
- Mark Barba, SVP of Underwriting - Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

Implementing Risk Control Technologies
Texas Mutual Insurance Company - Clients Since 2017

Eric Bourquin, Vice President of Safety Services at Texas Mutual Insurance Company, discusses his recent implementation and service experience with Ryan Nagy, Customer Experience Manager at Risk Control Technologies.

"They (RCT) have done an amazing job, and the partnership is really important for us"
- Christy Tharp, Process Improvement Manager - EMC Insurance Companies

Selecting & Utilizing RCT
Kentucky Employers' Mutual - Clients Since 2012

Jeff Floyd, Loss Education and Safety Manager at Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance, outlines the selection process undergone to choose a loss control system, his experience implementing and using the RCT system, as well as his appreciation for RCT's continual customer support.

"We selected RCT because of their strong track record in the industry working with leading insurers"
- Bom Bambino, Senior Vice President - Wright Specialty Insurance

Benefits of Using RCT
Society Insurance - Clients Since 2009

Michael Rosenau, Director of Risk Control at Society Insurance, explains how RCT has helped to increase efficiency, improve reporting, ease the survey process, and demonstrate the value his team provides.

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