Vendor Access Suite

Vendor Access Suite

RCT's Vendor Hub greatly improves the ease of working with and managing risk control vendors, while addressing many of the common pain points inherent in the outsourcing approach. 

Access & Integration Options

Allow vendors to login and use modules similarly to your internal team, or integrate your systems to realize further efficiency gains.

Data Availability and Analytics

Acquire standardized data to better understand your risks and trends. Compare your various vendors in relation to one another and your internal staff.

Consistent Quality Work

Maintain tight control over the quality of work received by your vendors. Achieve consistency between your internal and external teams.

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What Clients are Saying

Kim Coonrod - Markel Specialty
With RCT Since 2017

"Giving me the ability to see where we're ordering surveys, where we're in contact with our various vendors, see how much work is's a vendor assessment tool also"

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