RCT Insured Portal

RCT Insured Portal

RCT's Insured Portal increases policyholder engagement and retention by providing a web based portal where insureds can leverage various resources and communicate with your risk control team. The Insured Portal also provides new ways, beyond in-person consultations, to reach and service a wide range of insureds.

Communication & Collaboration Tools

Improve your insureds' experience by increasing ease of communication and transparency. At your discretion, policyholders can leave comments, ask questions, view outstanding recs, upload photos and more.

Insured Self Assessment

Reach more insureds through online self assessments, while identifying outliers and risks that warrant additional follow-up. Conduct pre-visit surveys to prepare insureds and consultants, or post-visit surveys to evaluate customer experience and satisfaction.

Resource Center

Easily distribute safety and risk resources to insureds through a centralized resource center. Control which resources are available to which insureds based on your criteria, such as industry or line of business, and evaluate risk resource usage.

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What Clients are Saying

Ryan Allen - AF Group
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"By using RCT, we can see how many policyholders we have touched and streamline our resources."

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